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        Lowri Feild 

          Creative and Therapeutic      Artist

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As an artist born and raised in Pembrokeshire, I am passionate about creating artwork that is connected to my own roots and the coastline that surrounds me. The sense of connection I feel with this scenery is translated through my passion for depicting the ocean and seascapes. I predominantly paint, using bold brush strokes and earthy tones to capture the rugged landscapes and seascapes in their most sincere form, paying attention to the unpredictable weather which gives the paintings a sense of movement and atmosphere.


Despite my personal motivations for engaging with this subject matter, my raised-textures and additions of three-dimensional elements is designed to be experienced through touch by others. These sensory attributes, typically made from recycled materials or thickly layered paint, provide an opportunity to explore the ruggedness of the scene with immediacy. I have also used my artwork to address important global issues such as plastic pollution. Consequently, my artwork can be used as a resource for bringing people together to confront these issues, so much bigger than themselves, through tangible means.

The process of creating artwork connected to my home transforms my workspace into a sanctuary and a place of peace. Naturally, I wish to share this method of creating a safe space with others. With a focus on positive well-being, I like to invite people into a relaxed environment where they are able to explore sensory and malleable materials that support them to feel present and grounded in the moment. I encourage participants to embrace their artistic capabilities, where self-expression and individuality are paramount. This stems from a Person-Centred Approach, where the individual is heard and enabled to make their mark.

Watch Me Paint!